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For hundreds of years Freemasons have met “on the level” without regard to individual differences, bringing men together who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance. Our membership consists of men from all walks of life.

However, Masonic tradition has, since time immemorial, required that no man should be compelled to join our Order, rather, he must seek admission on his “own free will and accord.” In light of this longstanding requirement, a potential candidate for membership must ask a member to sponsor his application to join.

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Fish Fry at Ron Werrs Park

Oct 16, 2021        4:30 PM to 7:00 PM



Louisburg Masonic Lodge, Peace Lodge 243, AF&AM

Kansas Freemasons have established a long-standing tradition of serving our communities by advancing the welfare of others, particularly children and senior citizens. But besides serving our communities, we also focus on self-awareness; the precepts of Freemasonry promote individual growth, self-discovery, and the fulfillment of individual potential. 

The Louisburg Masonic Lodge, named Peace Lodge 243, has been working hard for the community since it was formed in 1902.  For over a hundred years, these men have been coming together to carry on the Masonry tradition of helping others.  Sons have joined fathers, inspired to do their part in giving back to the world.

The Lodge donates thousands of dollars every year to different causes, ranging from the local food pantry to the Kansas Child Identification Program.  They host community fundraisers bringing together all of Louisburg with fun activities.  But when you ask a Louisburg mason what drives him, he’ll tell you that “It’s all about the kids”. 

Each year, the Lodge awards Louisburg High School students for essay contests and several scholarships.  Through the Louisburg Masonic Lodge scholarships, Honesty and Integrity scholarships, and the Grand Lodge Essay Contest, the Lodge strives to impact the lives of the local kids they care about. 

In the Community

Several fundraisers throughout the year raise money for the scholarships and community support the Lodge has provided for over 100 years.  

Who We Are 

Two of our members, John E. Mowen and Sterling P. Hornbuckle, have gone on to serve as Grand Masters for the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

Upcoming Events

In the next few months, the Louisburg Masonic Lodge will be hosting a Fish Fry, a Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast, and a Gun Show for the public.